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The Italian wine sector against Prošek

Letter sent today to Commissioners Wojciechowski and Gentiloni and to Comagri

"The recognition of the Traditional Term 'Prošek' would lead to a general weakening of the EU PDO and PGI protection system, which should instead enjoy a wider scope of protection: the geographical location would no longer be the priority element to be protected , and the protection system would be exposed to a potential danger for similar applications for recognition that could be forwarded by third countries": this is what we read in the letter sent today by the main organizations of the Italian wine sector (Alliance of Italian Cooperatives - agri-food, Assoenologi, Confagricoltura, CIA - Italian Confederation of Farmers, Copagri, Federvini, Unione Italiana Vini), the EU Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski, the Commissioner for Economy Paolo Gentiloni and the Italian MEPs of Comagri to strongly emphasize the opposition to a possible registration of the term "Prošek" as a Traditional Term.

The letter was sent on the day of the expiry of the deadline for submitting the declaration of opposition to the Croatian request for registration, a request which, according to the letter, if not rejected "will jeopardize both the internal and external dimensions of the EU regime DOP and IGP. It will weaken the EU's ability to promote and defend European quality marks vis-à-vis major trading partners. On the internal dimension it will open up unnecessary and annoying conflicts between the Member States”.

The organizations that have signed the letter are united in this battle, in the firm belief that "recognizing a traditional term of the same name would jeopardize the valuable assets developed by Italian and European companies".

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