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The golden year of Tavernello

For Caviro turnover of 390 million, an increase of 8%

Growing results for the Caviro Group which this morning approved the financial statements for the year ended 31 August 2021 with a consolidated turnover of 390 million Euros, an increase of 8% compared to 2020 and supporting the level of employment in the territories with a total of 583 people employed on average, with an increase of 15 units compared to the previous year. The growth of the Romagna wine group was supported by exports (+ 17%), of which wine + 6% and B2B + 75% and, in particular, by the performance of Caviro Extra, the company that manages the circular business of by-products . The composition of the Group's tax revenues from September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021 is divided as follows: wine 65%, musts, alcohol and tartaric acid 20%, energy and the environment 15%.

"In a year in which the consumption of wine in large-scale distribution had a decline, we recorded a marked increase in turnover driven mainly by exports", comments the president Carlo Dalmonte. "In general, the Group has shown great flexibility in an absolutely particular year characterized from sudden stops and starts. An increasingly close link with the supply chain, the results of the many investments made over the years for sustainability and a cohesive structure have given concreteness and economic value to the management, making the Group an 'agile giant'".

Taking a look at the numbers, a further consolidation of the Group is highlighted with a net growth in shareholders' equity, which goes from 89 million Euros in 2020 to 123 million Euros in 2021 and the Ebitda which goes from 27 million Euros (incidence on turnover of 7.4%) to 31 million Euros (impact on turnover of 8%). The profit for the year as at 31 August 2021 was 8.7 million euros, while the investments made by the Group reached 22 million euros. During the 2020 harvest, the ordinary contributions of the shareholders were paid at an average value of 7% higher than market prices.

Among the most significant data in the wine segment (Caviro sca, Cesari and Leonardo da Vinci spa companies) is the growth of 6% on the foreign market, a result of the diversification of the products with which the Group presents itself on the market, both from point of view of the segment and of the territory of origin (there are 7 Italian regions represented by the Group). In the daily sector, the historic Tavernello brand prevails, the most consumed wine in Italy and the best-selling Italian wine in the world. In fact, Caviro ranks first for sales both in the packaged wine segment, with a market share of 6.7% in value and 13.4% in volume. In the premium segment, the brands of the subsidiaries Leonardo da Vinci and Cesari and the new Caviro sca Vigneti Romio brand performed well. The United Kingdom, with a weight of 36%, is confirmed as the first export destination market, followed by the United States (12.5%) and Germany (11.5%). The other main foreign markets in the world of wine are, in order, Canada, Switzerland, France, Japan, China and Russia.

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