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Slap to Nutriscore: US studies support the importance of olive oil

It can reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cancer mortality

"Those looking to impose the Nutriscore to encourage the consumption of foods such as fries or sugary drinks should keep in mind the study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology that half a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil a day can reduce the risk of mortality from cardiovascular diseases, cancer, neurodegenerative and respiratory diseases". This is what Unaprol, the Italian olive oil consortium claims, regarding the results of the US study.

Researchers, analyzing over 90,000 healthy subjects since 1990, comparing those who rarely or never consume olive oil with those in the highest consumption category, found that the latter had a 19% lower risk of mortality. cardiovascular, 17% lower risk of cancer mortality, 29% lower risk of neurodegenerative mortality and 18% lower risk of respiratory mortality. The study also adds to the decision of the research group selected by US News & World Report, composed of scientists, doctors and nutritionists, to award the Mediterranean diet for the fifth consecutive year as the best in the world for its important role in the prevention of heart disease and stroke and in reducing risk factors such as obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension.

"These studies are heartening to us, at a time when we are fighting fundamental battles, such as the one against Nutriscore, to protect our high quality extra virgin olive oil", explains the president of Unaprol, David Granieri. "The chemical and organoleptic characteristics of foods such as extra virgin olive oil, thanks to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, make the Mediterranean diet unique. For this reason we have the duty to continue to spread the knowledge of the quality product for a more aware and to enhance the extraordinary work of producers".

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