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Hungary sets the price of some food products

They are seven, and range from white sugar, to flour, to chicken breast

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced last week that the government, starting next February, will set retail prices for six types of food products, such as white sugar, wheat flour, sunflower oil, pork leg, brisket. chicken, cow's milk. The points of sale will be obliged to sell the listed products at prices equivalent to those of October 2021. The legislation will be in effect for a period of three months.

The measure aims to counter the increase in the prices of food products - or at least some - caused by the increase in production costs and by inflation, which in the country has reached a record level of 7.4%. Without this measure, it is expected that this year the increase in the case of chicken and pork would have reached 25-30%.

In reality, the products whose price has been frozen are 7: Gergely Gulyás , head of the Prime Minister's Office, the next day revised the list by adding chicken carcasses, part of the animal that is widely used in the kitchen.

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