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Happy birthday Baci Perugina

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary, a Limited Edition for Valentine's Day 2022

The story of Baci Perugina begins in 1922 in Perugia, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Luisa Spagnoli, one of the most influential Italian figures of the early twentieth century. Visionary and creative genius of Perugina, she thought of an innovative idea for a new special recipe of chocolates: she devised a combination of chopped hazelnut, recovered from the leftovers, and melted chocolate to create a creamy filling, topped with a whole toasted hazelnut, all covered with Luisa dark chocolate. The result was a chocolate that resembled the knuckles of a fist, hence the original name, "Cazzotto". It was Giovanni Buitoni, businessman and co-founder of Perugina, who thought of changing its name. In fact, he believed that it was unsuitable for Luisa's sweet creation: rather than having the saleswoman ask for a "punch", it would have been more appropriate for her to receive "Kisses".

Several years later, the Art Director of Perugina Federico Seneca had the idea of wrapping each "Kiss" in a message of love, inserting romantic phrases inside the starry envelope, inspired by the secret love between Luisa and Giovanni. It was also Seneca who then devised the blue and silver box depicting the couple kissing under a shower of stars, inspired by the painting "The Kiss" by Hayez .

Today those chocolates turn 100 years old. Over the years they have been protagonists of avant-garde campaigns, alongside artists such as Frank Sinatra and Vittorio Gassman, they have evolved into new tastes, they have won world Guinnesses and have been exported to other countries. A parable that has always been on the rise, that of Baci, which reaches today alongside Dolce & Gabbana to celebrate its 100 years of history. The partnership with the well-known fashion brand has led to the creation of a "100 Years Celebration Collection" and a Limited Edition, a new limited edition recipe that will be unveiled for Valentine's Day 2022.

The masters of the Perugia chocolate school will participate in the company's centenary, creating a celebratory cake. A large-scale work of designer chocolate, dedicated to all workers. The production plant will be the spokesperson for the celebrations, through a light installation that will envelop the "Fabbrica dei Baci". On the occasion of the celebrations, the Perugina chocolate museum also opens its doors to the public to let you experience a journey through time to discover the history of the company.

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