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Innovation takes place at Macfrut

The specific areas dedicated to the fruit and vegetables of the future

Innovation in the fruit and vegetable sector protagonist at Macfrut 2022 in a specific dynamic area of over 1600 square meters. Appointment from 4 to 6 May at the Rimini Expo Center with a test field that allows you to touch the innovations of agriculture 4.0 first-hand both in terms of technological innovation and environmental impact and savings. There are four proposals in this area, coordinated by Luciano Trentini: a field dedicated to the cherry grove; the Acqua Campus area on water saving; a space dedicated to biodegradable plastics used for mulching in horticulture; Smart Agriculture dedicated to technologies.

"The fruit and vegetable system is at the center of a strong phase of modernization with the need to produce more fruit and vegetables (+350 million tons by 2050) when the earth will be populated by almost 10 billion people - explains Luciano Trentini, expert in the sector. - This entails the need to reduce the environmental impact both in the production and commercial phases. Furthermore, the effects of the pandemic are modifying the logistics of goods and especially the movements of people including those who work in the sector. We all remember that this period has accustomed us to a new digital world, agriculture 4.0, Big data… We must look to the future with confidence and horticulture in this moment of strong change cannot be left behind”.

Entering into the various dynamic areas, one of the great innovations is represented by a field dedicated to cherry trees, alongside the International Cherry Symposium. A cherry grove will be organized with plants of different breeding forms presented by some of the most important Italian nursery companies.

In the adjacent area of Acqua Campus, focus on new irrigation systems to reduce water waste in collaboration with ANBI (National Association of Italian Reclamation) and CER (Canale Emiliano Romagnolo).

Another novelty is an area dedicated to the environment and the role played by biodegradable plastics of vegetable origin used for mulching in horticulture.

Finally, the Smart Agriculture area, a new starting point for the agriculture to come, thanks to the collaboration with the Ri.Nova research center.

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