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Pasqua Vigneti e Cantine: turnover of 63 million (+ 14%)

High-end wines drive growth. The export is worth almost 90% of the turnover

The Pasqua family presented the remarkable results of double-digit growth in Milan. With 89.6% of exports and a growth on the domestic market of 14.4% compared to 2019, the Veronese winery is confirmed as one of the best performing Wine brands. In the United States, which represent 60% of Easter exports, according to data from Nomisma's Wine Monitor research, there is a 12% growth in the value of sales of premium Italian wines. A turnover of 63 million euros, up 14% compared to 2020 and 4% compared to 2019, while the EBITDA value stood at 14% of revenues (8.6 million euros, against 7, 3 of 2019).

Results whose positivity is the result of some factors including the continuous economic commitment to research and development, the diversification of proposals with respect to markets and segments and the enhancement of high-class wines, expression of the territory of the higher-end segment represented the majority (53%) of the total turnover and today it is the "icons" including "PassioneSentimento", "Famiglia Pasqua", "11 Minutes" and "Hey French" that lead the premium sector which has gone from 25 million euros in 2019 to 32 million in 2021. The “Cecilia Beretta” line also marks significant growth and goes from 4.4 million in revenues achieved in 2014 to 9.6 million last year. rosé, also marks a strong signal for Easter: the category that stood at a turnover of one million euros in 2014, has reached 6 million in 2019, exceeded by 9 million in 2021 which represent 14% of the turnover.

Finally, the top management illustrated the results regarding sustainability. Easter Vigneti e Cantine achieves compliance with the SOPD Standard "Sustainable Organization Module - OS" of Equalitas, a standardization body - owner of the homonymous Standard - promoted by Federdoc together with Csqa Certifications, Valoritalia, Gambero Rosso and 3AVino. The protocol provides for the possibility of certifying three production dimensions relating to the wine sector: the producer company (Sustainable Organization module), the finished wine (Sustainable Product module) and finally the territory circumscribed by a Denomination of Origin (Denomination for Sustainability module). The standard has been expressly studied for the oenological sector and is certainly the most advanced and complete at the international level.

It is in this groove that the certificate of conformity to the Equalitas Standard is now inserted for the following activities: vineyard management and grape production, vinification, processing, blending, refinement and conditioning of bottled wines. The certification also concerns the control of production and bottling processes.
"Today ten percent of the vineyards are certified organic, we want to reach twenty percent by 2026", concluded Riccardo Pasqua .


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