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B/Open + Sol&Agrifood: Veronafiere's match made in heaven

Joint edition 2023 for the two events dedicated to b2b bio and to high-quality food farming

Veronafiere enhances its bio selection in the high-quality food farming sector and making the third edition of B/Open, b2b's exposition sole dedicated to organic, together with Sol&Agrifood, international exposition of high quality food farming, in 2023. The goal is to increase the events that have certified food as the main focus, in a calendar aligned with the needs of the sector's businesses. After a first online edition in 2020 due to the the pandemic and a second appearance in the fall of 2021, the third edition with B/Open is scheduled from April 2nd to April 5th 2023 together with Sol&Agrifood and in conjunction with Vinitaly's 55th edition. 

The synergy between these events, that have always been symbol of high quality food farming will allow the creation of a hub that with Sol&Agrifood already includes excellencies such as olive oil, artisanal beer (Xcellent Beers), typical foods, and that, through B/Open, will give brands that carry exclusively organic products a chance to have an exclusive area located in the Pavillion C, otherwise supporting professional operator's activity.

'With B/Open's new positioning, Veronafiere means to strengthen organic initiative's offer to a wider range of professioists - states Maurizio Danese, CEO of Veronafiere-. B/Open and Vinitaly Bio actively promote organic industries, and therefore establish themselves as a true focal point of excellence of the sustainable wine&food sector, for. specialized clientele d exclusively b2b'.

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