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Meregalli rejoices: 2022 turnover at +14.16%

Distillates tripled compared to pre-pandemic, with peaks of 67.30%

In 2022, the Meregalli Group did even better than in 2021. The Group's turnover reached 92,089,000 euros: +14.16% compared to the previous year. Specifically for distribution on the Italian market, Meregalli Wines closed with an increase of 10.7%, Meregalli Spirits +7.03% and Visconti43 +45.22%, for total sales in Italy of +12.32%. The foreign affiliates confirm the made in Italy trend: Meregalli France and Meregalli Monaco close with an increase in turnover of 28.59% and Meregalli Suisse with an increase of 4.02%.

Specifically, the total turnover of the "mixed" channel, including restaurants, hotels, bars and catering, reported a growth of +33.56% compared to 2019, where the hotel item recorded a significant increase of 60%. The margin of lump-sum sales is even wider, with an increase in turnover in 2022 compared to 2019 of 40.78%. On the other hand, online sales have slowed down, while in 2020, e-commerce had grown by more than 10%.

Still compared to 2019, still wines saw an increase in sales of 21.82%, while the sparkling category closed 2022 with an increase of +18.70%. Also in 2022, 2% of the red wine market share is gained by white wine and rosé wine. As for distillates, gin is confirmed as the most sought-after in the catalogs of Meregalli Spirits, which has tripled its sales volume since 2019. Whiskey (+67.30%) and liqueurs (+43%) are also two growing trends in the last three years. Soft drinks are up 48%, compared to 2019.

"Distribution has become essential in a world that requires condensing costs but at the same time requires a fast and efficient service: Gruppo Meregalli has been and will have to be increasingly at the forefront and leader on these values - said Marcello Meregalli, CEO group delegate -. The pandemic years seemed to have shifted the centrality of man a lot towards technology alone: with pleasure we can say that for us and for our sector, man is more central than before in what to do, and at the same time technology has become fundamental on how to do it. A perfect combination that will be the focus of our investments".

“We will also remember this 2022, it was still a difficult, long and uncertain year, in which we had to deal with situations that took each of us by surprise; we are therefore particularly proud of the goals achieved, of having managed to achieve the objectives we had set ourselves, all thanks to the commitment and dedication towards a continuous and constant search for quality, in products, in men and in the profession", he added the general manager Corrado Mapelli for his part, announcing that the Group "will continue to invest (technology, logistics, assortment) and innovate (service, communication, social media), seeking to improve" the business and the product on all fronts on a daily basis .

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