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The Festival of typical products from the Marche region returns to Fermo (11-13 March)

Protagonist of the 31st edition not only food, but also territory and local communities

The programme of the 31st edition of Tipicità Festival, an event scheduled from 11 to 13 March at the Fermo Forum, in the heart of the Marche region, was presented to the press this morning. This year's event includes four exhibition routes and six event areas where visitors can explore all the delicacies of the Marche region interpreted by great chefs and young talents. Not only food, but also territories and local communities will be the protagonists of a real journey into the identities of the Marche region and comparisons with other Italian and foreign realities. Present at the conference were: Francesco Acquaroli, president of the Marche Region; Angelo Serri, director of Tipicità; Andrea Maria Antonini, regional councillor for Agriculture and productive activities; Paolo Calcinaro, mayor of Fermo (organiser), and Marco Bindelli, vice-president of Banco Marchigiano (project partner).

"Tipicità is a further important opportunity -said Acquaroli- to publicise the 'made in Marche' and above all the authenticity of our territory, which manages to preserve the traditions and the quality of 'savoir-faire' that distinguishes us both in food and wine and in manufacturing and craftsmanship. Territorial marketing, the idea that we manage to build of our region, are fundamental to create an added value of the products also in the collective imagination and a greater awareness of the potential of our territory. We are working on this with tangible results: the trend is positive and we must seize this opportunity. The experience of Tipicità in this sense is unique and valuable. It was among the first events 30 years ago to have the intuition to associate typical products with the image and promotion of the Marche region, a combination that is proving to be a winner".

"The spotlight of the event is on food and gastronomic specialities, together with territorial attractions, fashion icons and symbols of know-how -Serri explained. Tipicità valorises the local in the global dimension, compares itself with other national and international communities, and experiments with new formats to valorise the new way of being Italian. This in particular will be the edition of the rebirth, and there is a great deal of enthusiasm: while maintaining a high level of attention, we are leaving behind the difficult years of the pandemic and all the limitations that came with it, in order to set up a showcase of the Marche region to be looked at and enjoyed. 164 events are planned over the three days, which will also be attended by 4 foreign delegations from Tanzania, Holland, England and South Africa and many famous faces from the small screen".

"The Region is well aware of Tipicità's role in promoting the region and this is why we will further strengthen our collaboration -added Antonini-, to enhance not only our quality products, but also our ability to process the excellent raw materials we have. The objective is to make Marche known as a region of wellness and good living where one can spend the holidays or even take up residence".

Ten thousand square metres of route set up 

The wines of the Marche region are told in Autocthon, from the blazon of appellations to unusual and unconventional expressions. In the biocreative pavilion, stories of personalities, productions and lands move from tradition and explore the innovations of taste. In the Mercatino, one experiences a return to the piazza and to the more folk aspects of food and wine with the possibility of purchasing 'goodies' that cannot be found in the usual channels. Grand Tour is the 'travel' pavilion, in which to note the proposals for welcoming places yet to be explored, off the beaten tourist track.

The events in the programme animating the three days in Fermo

In Lievito & fermento yeasts, flours, grains and oven magic. In the Academy, auteur tastings with great chefs and emerging talents; in the Open Space, meetings with producers, flavours, cultures and local identities. In the Forum & Focus area in-depth discussions with experts and the participation of well-known personalities and faces.

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