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Ukraine: solidarity project to relaunch "Strade del Vino"

Before the war, there were 41,300 hectares of vineyards, for a total production of 1.33 million hectoliters

A solidarity project for the relaunch of Strade del Vino dell'Ucraina. From the Euganean Hills comes a proposal for the reconstruction of rural territories tormented by the war through the rebirth of organized wine tourism itineraries and their valorisation in a touristic key. Starting from the enhancement of native vines. The proposal comes from the National Association of Wine Cities, which in the latest issue of the Terre del Vino magazine, dedicated an in-depth analysis to the "Strade del Vino" project in Ukraine. There are seven Wine Roads born in Ukraine in 2018, which immediately proved to be functional and strategic for the enhancement of places, landscapes and products, so much so that they were presented as a tourist product at the Bit Borsa Internazionale del Turismo in Milan (before of the pandemic).

The idea is inspired by what was done by the University Institute of Architecture of Venice (Iuav) which developed a strategy for the recovery of territories tormented by the war. The Cultland Cluster "Cultural landscapes - Cultural Landscapes" promotes the development of Networks to carry out concrete solidarity actions towards Ukrainian wine production and food and wine tourism.

Thus the appeal for support to Ukraine which came from Olena Motuzenko, president of the National food and wine tourist network of the Wine and Taste Roads of Ukraine, and visiting professor at the Iuav University of Venice, to propose to Italian food and wine operators an idea for the regeneration of Ukrainian rural areas linked to wine production through the transfer of experiences developed in Italy on the solidarity tourism front in support of supply chains linked to traditional agricultural productions.

"It is a question of giving an immediate, strong and concrete response to the many rural territories compromised by war events on the basis of solidarity with this country and on the basis of the experiences and professionalism developed in this sector", underlines the president of Città del Vino, Angelo Briar. "A project that is concretely able to support small Ukrainian producers battered by the conflict - highlights Professor Motuzenko - starting from culture, landscape and wine production: it is important for many rural areas to be ready to restart from a social and economic point of view”.

Overall, the hectares of vineyards in Ukraine were 41,300 before the war for a total production of 1.33 million hectoliters, located above all in the Transcarpathian region which borders with Slovakia and above all in the southern regions near Odessa, and the area south of the Dnieper River near Kherson. There are over 180 vines grown in Ukraine: among the autochthonous Telti Kuruk and Odessa Chornyi, but also international vines, including Georgian and Moldavian ones, are well suited to Ukrainian viticulture.

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