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Aceite de Madrid entered among EU PDOs

The designation indicates extra virgin olive oil produced in the southeastern area of the Spanish capital

The European Commission has approved the addition of "Aceite de Madrid" to the register of PDOs, the Protected Designations of Origin. Aceite de Madrid designates extra virgin olive oil produced in the southeastern area of the Community of Madrid, between the valleys of the Tajo, Jarama, Henares and Tajuña rivers. 

The specificity of the region, linked to human factors, is distinguished by its agronomic and olive-growing practices, which focus on respecting the original properties of the fruit: olives are harvested directly from the tree, never from the ground, and by methods that respect the integrity of the fruit, with the mandatory separation of healthy, fresh olives from the tree. Transport to the mill is always by means that avoid damage and deterioration of the fruit.

According to the EU, "Aceite de Madrid has a complex organoleptic profile of medium-high intensity, with aromas of olive, almond, grass, leaf, apple, tomato and banana." This new name is added to the list of 1,622 agricultural products already protected: the list of all protected geographical indications is available in the eAmbrosia database. 

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