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Grain. Zelensky: "The anti-Ukraine protectionism" of some countries is cruel

European Parliament against tariffs while von der Leyen announces new package of anti-Russian sanctions

The Brussels-Kiev union is getting stronger, which will end up isolating the "dissident" countries of Eastern Europe. The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen has announced the eleventh package of sanctions against Russia, in order to "erode Putin's war machine and its revenues". In the meantime, the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky applauds the renewed availability of the European Union and relaunches: "We hope that in June there will be a positive assessment by the European Commission on Ukraine's progress on the path to EU membership. We really count on it" .

Towards the countries that have placed restrictions on Ukrainian agricultural products, Zelensky had fiery words: "Any restriction on our exports is absolutely unacceptable now because it strengthens the capabilities of the Russian aggressor". The Ukrainian president therefore said he was "disappointed" by the "severe, even cruel, protectionist measures" launched by Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, which he called for their removal "as soon as possible".

Together with the Commission, the European Parliament is also moving, which approved, with 537 votes in favour, 42 against and 38 abstentions, the proposal to renew for another year the suspension of import duties, anti-dumping duties and safeguard measures on Ukrainian exports to the European Union. "The suspension of duties - reads a note from the European Parliament - applies to fruit and vegetables subject to the entry price system, as well as agricultural products and processed agricultural products subject to tariff quotas. Industrial products are subject to a zero tariffs from 1 January 2023 on the basis of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, and are therefore not included in the new proposal".

"These measures - said rapporteur Sandra Kalniete (EPP, LV) - are key to strengthening Ukraine's resilience, as we work to advance its gradual integration into the EU internal market. Our solidarity with Ukraine is coherent, transparent and robust, and was further strengthened by Ukraine's candidate status for the EU. The future of Ukraine is in the European Union". For its part, the Renew group (Liberals) in the European Parliament, through the mouth of its vice-president Dacian Ciolos , has called for the creation of an "EU task force for managing the situation linked to the export of Ukrainian wheat to the EU". According to the liberals "it is necessary to have the ability to follow the grain in Europe and be sure that it reaches the customers and that it is accompanied by phytosanitary certifications to avoid problems with neighboring countries".

Finally, the resumption of negotiations - scheduled between today and tomorrow in Istanbul - between Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the UN, on the export of Ukrainian wheat from the ports of the Black Sea: the agreement in force expires on 18 May and Russia has set new conditions for its renewal.

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