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United Kingdom. Scandal: Red light on children's snacks

Lidl has recalled the product, recommending that it be returned and a refund be requested

The Paw Patrol-themed snack packs contained a compromised URL that, when opened, displayed pornographic content. A scandal of considerable proportions, aggravated by the fact that Paw Patrol is a cartoon TV series, particularly popular among children. The bad episode led Lidl, which distributed the product in its supermarkets in the United Kingdom, to recall it.

BleepingComputer confirmed that the domain in question was named after Appy Kids Co, a retail product company aimed at children. At the time of writing, the domain shows Chinese adult content, but only on mobile devices. When accessed from a computer, the website displays “temporarily unavailable,” citing one or more violations of “relevant regulations” of China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Lidl therefore reacted by recalling the Paw Patrol product "as we have been informed that the supplier's URL, present on the back of the package, has been compromised and directs to a site not suitable for children", reads the recall notice from Lidl product. “We recommend that customers do not view the URL and return this product to their nearest store, where it will be fully refunded.”

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