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Kinderini/2. Ferrero has invested 50 million euros in a new production line

120 hires in the company and a cutting-edge machine to make biscuits

Kinder Kinderini, shortbread biscuits officially presented today by Ferrero (read EFA News), are produced in Italy, in the Balvano factory, in the province of Potenza, the same one where Nutella Biscuits were born: thanks to Ferrero, the small Lucanian town is taking on an increasingly strategic role, transforming itself into a new all-Italian biscuit "hub". The new biscuits will therefore join the production of Nutella Biscuits and the historic production of Kinder and Ferrero snacks and will be destined for both the Italian and foreign markets.

The group invested over 50 million euros in the creation of the production line, from the design drawings to its realization over seven years passed. Once the design phase was completed, the production line, despite its complexity, required coordinated work of only three months to be assembled, starting from the entry of the machinery into the factory, up to the implementation of the first production tests. A construction site that involved hundreds of workers. The construction of the production line from scratch confirmed the Ferrero Group's desire not only to create excellent, increasingly innovative products, but also to consolidate its presence in Italy by creating value for the related industries, for the territory and for the communities in which Opera.

To confirm this, the new line has had an overall employment impact quantifiable in over 120 new entries, hired on seasonal fixed-term contracts, which are added, from this perspective, to the recent staff stabilizations already carried out. The line entirely dedicated to Kinder Kinderini, designed and created internally by Ferrero, is spread over two floors and measures approximately 1 km. It is characterized by cutting-edge machinery and the use of the most advanced information technologies in order to best supervise the phases of overlapping the dough, cooking, decoration and packaging. It takes approximately 100 minutes to create each individual Kinder® Kinderini biscuit: from preparing the dough, to decorating the eyes and mouth, to inserting it into the packaging. To create the different expressions with maximum precision and pass rigorous quality controls , several sophisticated “intelligent” vision systems have been installed. Furthermore, during the packaging phase, there is a robotic system that guarantees a wide variety of expressions within each package. The result is a biscuit in perfect balance between tradition and innovation, in full Ferrero style.

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