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Ferrero, new relaunch on biscuits with Kinderini

After the success of Nutella Biscuits, the group focuses heavily on breakfast

Seven years of studies, 50 million investment, over 120 new hires for the new line dedicated to Kinderini in the Balvano plant, in Basilicata.

Breakfast is a moment made up of rituals that are repeated morning after morning, which in Italy is worth 6.8 billion euros. Within the segment, growing in value by 12.6%, biscuits represent the most important category with 27.6% in value, followed by snacks (22%) and dried fruit (17%). A segmentation that is also reflected in the lifestyles of Italians, who to start the day choose to consume mainly biscuits (95%), spreads (88%) and snacks (86%). The novelty fits into the biscuit segment which has a value of 1.78 billion euros (net of egg biscuits) and is the category with the greatest growth in the short term (+16.3%).

So at the beginning of October the Kinder Kinderini arrive, milk and cocoa shortbread biscuits with small creamy decorations with the unique Kinder flavour, designed specifically for breakfast. The official presentation was held this morning in Piazza Gae Aulenti in Milan, with the presence of Ferrero Commerciale Italia CEO Alessandro d'Este. Throughout the weekend it will be possible to discover and taste them in preview until Sunday.

Already with the incredible success of Nutella Biscuits, Ferrero has embarked on a path of affirmation in recent years also in the biscuits segment, which therefore complements its traditional sectors, with the aspiration of competing on the global market. Today Ferrero is the second largest producer of sweet biscuits in the world and continues to invest and affirm its presence in the global market. The new Kinderini therefore have the ambition of climbing onto the podium of the best-selling references in the biscuit market in Italy, thanks to the unique characteristics of the product: simple recipe, positive perception of Kinder and the product's ability to transform the moment of consumption into a engaging and always new experience. An innovation that is the result of the company's DNA, which has always been devoted to innovation, but with a careful eye on tradition.

The novelty combines the simple taste of Kinder, loved by children, with an iconic shape, the result of a technological innovation that allows you to alternate layers of milk and cocoa dough. Each biscuit is characterized by highly precise details such as eyes, mouth and smile which allow the Kinderini's expressions to be "brought to life", inspired by the many emotions experienced in the family: from the "happy Kinderino" to the "amazed Kinderino".

A product that "changes the face" of breakfast can only be supported by a launch suitable for adults and children. For those who will not be able to taste them during this weekend in Milan, it will be possible to discover them from the comfort of your own home. In fact, it will be enough to connect to the dedicated page on the website and replicate the expressions and emotions proposed. Once the challenge is over, you will receive digital freebies that can be shared on social media. All the emotions generated during the live and online experiences will be collected in the Emotionometer, the counter updated in real time and visible on a maxi-screen in Piazza Gae Aulenti, thanks to which it will be possible to discover the "Kinderini effect": happiness will win , amazement or amusement?

There are over 15 million possible combinations of expressions that can be found in each package of Kinder Kinderini. In 2023 alone, in Italy, a number of Kinder Kinderini will be produced capable of satisfying over 120 million breakfasts. - The Kinder Kinderini production line measures approximately 1km. - The oven used to prepare Kinder Kinderini in the Balvano plant measures as long as 100 domestic ovens. It takes around 100 minutes to create each individual Kinder Kinderini biscuit: from preparing the dough, to decorating the eyes and mouth, to placing it in the package.

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