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Oktoberfest: record number of visitors but people drink less (and spend more)

Beer consumption at the Bavarian event is recovering but below pre-pandemic levels

Not even beverages escape the great paradox of recent years: more revenue for companies (almost always), less volumes sold (often), less consumption in general (always). Even the Oktoberfest knows something about it, the most impressive and prestigious beer fair in the world which has improved the visitor record set in 1985 (over 7 million), reporting at least 200 thousand more visitors this year. The edition that just ended lasted 18 days, two more than usual, however the increase remains not negligible.

Unfortunately for the Oktoberfest organizers, the reasons to smile end there. The beer consumed during the 18 days of the Bavarian event amounted to 6.5 million litres: an increase compared to last year (5.7 million litres) but still well below pre-pandemic values (in 2019 there were drank 7.3 million litres).

Another peculiar fact: over half of the visitors opted for beers or non-alcoholic drinks: a phenomenon perhaps due to the higher than average temperatures and also to people's greater attention to health. Beer prices at the Oktoberfest 2023 ranged from 12.60 to 14.90 euros per liter, an average increase of 6.12% compared to last year.

To conclude, an encouraging piece of data: accidents caused by alcohol during the days of the event are in sharp decline, with 40% fewer individuals requiring sobriety during the night compared to the previous year. The Bavarian police reported 23 alcohol-related traffic accidents (-15% compared to 2023). Driving license withdrawals (259 this year) and accidents (219) also decreased.

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