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Ferrero: Italian turnover is close to Euro 3 Billion

In 2023 investments of 142 million and staff growth of 3.5%

The holding's Board of Directors has been appointed, with Bartolomeo Salomone confirmed as president and the following directors: Alessandro d'Este, Gian Mauro Perrone, Bruno Ferroni, Massimo Micieli and Gian Luca Bassi.

Ferrero SpA and its four subsidiaries in Italy (therefore excluding all international activities) grow in the 2022-2023 financial year, achieving a total turnover of almost 3 billion euros, confirming the centrality of our country in terms of industrial development.

In detail as of 31 August 2023, Ferrero Commerciale Italia (distribution and sale of confectionery and similar products on the Italian market, marketing, market research and customer assistance), recorded a growth in sales on the national market of 6.7% in value, with a turnover of 1,756.6 million euros (vs. 1,646.5 million euros at 31 August 2022) and an operating profit of 53.2 million euros (vs. 32.6 at 31 August 2022). The sales performance (sell-out) on the national market (modern distribution, traditional stores and discount stores) of all Ferrero products was characterized by growth in value while stability in volume was recorded. The contribution of the "chocolate confectionary" segment was also decisive this year and the commercial moments linked to occasions and anniversaries (from Advent, to Epiphany, to Easter) were particularly positive, but also the performance of Nutella and snacks. The contribution of Estathè and Ice Cream is also important, growing significantly compared to the market thanks to the performance of Kinder Chocolate Ice Cream.

Ferrero Industriale Italia, active in the processing and transformation of raw materials into finished products as well as in the management of relationships with subcontractors and quality controls through its four factories in Alba, Pozzuolo Martesana, Balvano and Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi, has achieved a turnover equal to 805.7 million euros (+7.7% vs. 748.3 million euros at 31 August 2022) and a profit of 56.5 million euros (down compared to the 67.3 million euros at 31 August 2022). In terms of productive investments, the company confirmed its commitment in the Italian context by investing 142 million euros in tangible assets during the financial year, in continuity with the previous financial year. In the last 10 years of activity and within the national scope alone, the industrial investments made by the Ferrero Group in the area have exceeded 1.4 billion euros.

Ferrero Management Services Italia (administrative, finance and control, legal and personnel management services) achieved a turnover of 70.2 million euros (+3% vs 31 August '22) and a profit for the year of 1.5 million euros (down compared to 3.3 million euros as of 31 August 2022).

Ferrero Technical Services, active in the carrying out of technical and IT activities, in the provision of engineering services, graphic development of packaging, organization and coordination of document processes and development of production systems, achieved a turnover equal to 189.9 million euros and a profit for the year of 14.1 million euros, substantially in line with the last financial year (14.2 million euros as of 31 August 2022).

Finally, Ferrero Spa, the holding company of the Italian activities, generated an operating profit of 139.6 million euros (160.5 million euros in August 2022). This result is determined by a significant increase in net revenues, equal to 222.2 million euros, an increase of 23.9 million euros compared to the previous financial year (198.3 million euros as of 31 August 2022), while the the result of financial management was negatively affected by the exchange rate trend and the growth in interest rates.

On the labor front, in particular, the average workforce for the 2022-2023 financial year, aggregating the data of Ferrero SpA and that of the four subsidiary companies, is equal to 6,927 units, an increase compared to the previous financial year of 235 units. The current workforce as of August 31, 2023 was 7,698 units.

Despite the uncertainties related to the economic context, Ferrero, which has always wanted to make concrete commitments of care and attention towards People and the Planet, recognizing their value that is not secondary to the economic performance objectives, has also operated on the national territory to reduce the its own environmental impact, to support local communities and the territories in which it operates, also through the activities of the Ferrero Foundation of Alba, promoting multiple initiatives in the social, cultural and humanitarian fields.

Among these, "Kinder Joy of Moving" was further supported, a project dedicated to spreading a positive attitude towards movement and sport among young people. The project was further enriched through an initiative with profound social and cultural value, developed with an exceptional partner: Save The Children. Starting from spring, Kinder Joy of Moving has become an educational element complementary to the activities carried out within the Save The Children Light Points in Italy, thus contributing to the broader mission of combating educational poverty in high-density centres, in which children, girls and boys can develop their potential and where the most fragile families can find concrete support.

As evidence of the relevance of this attitude, Ferrero was confirmed as the company with the best reputation in Italy, according to the survey drawn up annually by The RepTrak Company, and was also included for the first time in first place in the "Best ESG Company" ranking ”, the index that measures citizens' perception of the companies most attentive to sustainable development.

Ferrero SpA has finally appointed the Board of Directors. Bartolomeo Salomone is confirmed as president of Ferrero SpA and the Board of Directors, in addition to himself, is composed as follows: Alessandro d'Este , Gian Mauro Perrone , Bruno Ferroni , Massimo Micieli and Gian Luca Bassi .

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