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Marr for an increasingly sustainable foodservice

The new edition of the Sustainability Report has been published

Just over a month after the publication of the 2023 budget (read EFA News), in which it was announced that revenues would exceed two billion, the Marr group has released its 2023 sustainability report. The economic milestone achieved in the year passed, was welcomed by the management "with the awareness of how development must be increasingly sustainable in relation to our role as a leading company in the Foodservice sector, which is faced with a great challenge in the process of change and transformation of society and of the economy towards new objectives", we read in the letter to stakeholders signed by Andrea Foschi and Francesco Ospitali, respectively president and CEO of the Marr Group.

"Marr has long considered sustainability as an active part of corporate dynamics and has defined ESG policies, objectives and initiatives, as well as a reporting system according to internationally recognized standards", we read in the letter. "The pillars on which our development strategies are based are confirmed and refocused in this Sustainability Report, now in its fourth edition. Customer orientation, the complete implementation of best practices in the Governance area and the valorisation of People are the fundamental assets of our strategies".

"Sustainability values are promoted along the value chain", continue Foschi and Ospitali , "through the selection of supply sources, the optimization of processes and the concrete contribution to respecting the environment and safeguarding ecosystems. In the pages The following illustrates the path that Marr has undertaken, the objectives and the important results achieved to date. We are proud of the goals achieved and will continue towards new challenges, aware of the commitment we will have to make to contribute to sustainable development and growth.

Among the most relevant numbers of Marr's 2023 sustainability report, the over 600 vehicles with low environmental impact stand out, in addition to, among the articles, more than 3000 green products, over 6000 Made in Italy products and over 1000 branded products.

Furthermore, Marr includes animal welfare criteria in the supply requirements and contracts stipulated with suppliers; implements an inspection plan in order to evaluate compliance with the animal welfare standards signed by suppliers; promotes the progressive implementation of specific animal welfare criteria in addition to the minimum standards required by law in the control checklists; communicates with representatives of international associations that deal with animal welfare on farms; collaborates with accredited control and certification bodies operating at an international level to carry out inspection activities with the common objective of improving the living conditions of farmed animals.

On the water resources management front, Marr reports 14,600 tonnes of water saved in nine years, while as regards waste management, over 3200 tonnes have been allocated to recovery. Furthermore, the percentage of hazardous waste produced drops from 1.6% in 2022 to 1% in 2023. Finally, the fight against food waste is characterized by 100 thousand meals donated, for a total of over 50 tons in 2023.

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