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Sanbittèr celebrates the regional flavors of Italy

Summer full of Sicilian and Ligurian inspirations, in the 20 cl references

In an era in which the search for authenticity and tradition has become a priority for consumers around the world, Italy emerges as a beacon of culinary excellence. The growing demand for regional ingredients fuels a trend destined to leave its mark on Italian tables. Today, in fact, Italianness and above all regionality are synonymous with quality, authenticity and passion for excellence. This is why Sanbittèr, ambassador of the authentic Italian non-alcoholic aperitif, immerses himself in the regional roots of the beautiful country and creates two new references that are inspired by the flavors of Sicily and Liguria through ingredients that represent their essence.

Sicily, with its generosity of Mediterranean flavors and its culinary tradition rich in history, inspires the new Sanbittèr Ispirazione Siciliana reference, which brings to the table the intensity of citrus aromas and the sweet memory of sunsets on the coast. The protagonists of the new drink are two 100% Sicilian ingredients: oranges - the symbolic fruit of this warm and sunny land - and prickly pears, which, thanks to their adaptability and resistance to the arid and volcanic soils of the island, have become an integral part of the Sicilian landscape and culture.

Likewise, Liguria, with its rugged coast and its gastronomic treasures, has become a muse for Sanbittèr Ispirazione Ligure which contains the breeze of the Riviera in a single drink. At the base of the new reference are chinotti, precious citrus fruits typical of the region grown both on the coastal strip and in the hinterland, not far from the sea, and basil, considered the "green gold" of Liguria. Two references, therefore, which are the most evident expression of the two regions and which, with their selected and carefully cultivated ingredients, invite you to slow down enough to immerse yourself in a journey into the typical territories of these regions.

In fact, with their 20 cl format, the new Sanbittèr regional inspirations bring a long drinking experience that invites you to relax, disconnect from the frenzy of everyday life and fully enjoy every small and simple pleasure. This new slow aperitif formula therefore translates into a sensorial journey in search of products made with excellent raw materials, coming from the regional Italian tradition and which have now become trendy. The two new references will enrich the 20cl Sanbittèr range currently made up of Sanbittèr Citrus flavour, Sanbittèr Ginger, Sanbittèr Passion Fruit, Sanbittèr Grapefruit and Sanbittèr Sambuco.

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