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Colussi acquires majority of German Dr. Karg’s

The deal expands growth opportunities in the snack sector

Presented in Milan the book "Colussi 1791. A family recipe", by Simone Marzari and Massimo Orlandini, published by Silvana Editoriale.

Colussi has acquired the majority of the German Dr. Karg’s, an important producer of healthy snacks, with a turnover of 40 million, based in Schwabach, just outside Nuremberg. The announcement this morning in Milan, during the presentation of the monograph "Colussi 1791. A family recipe". 

The operation combines the strengths and legacy of two family-run businesses and lays the foundations for greater growth and innovation in the health snack sector. "Now we can get into modern German distribution with both Karg’s and Misura -said ceo Giacomo Colussi-. For us opens a great opportunity". 

The value of the deal was not disclosed. 

With shared values such as promoting healthy snack options, using natural ingredients and offering indulgent experiences, This partnership combines Dr. Karg’s expertise in baked healthy snacks with Colussi’s excellence in salty and sweet baked goods to offer customers a wider range of natural, healthy and tasty products. The partnership between Dr. Karg’s and Colussi marks a new chapter in their respective histories and reaffirms their commitment to providing products and services to their customers.

The partnership between Dr. Karg and the Colussi Group could consolidate a leading position in the health and wellness bakery snack sectors in various markets. Moreover, taking advantage of the presence on the market of Dr. Karg in Germany, it will be possible to successfully introduce Colussi products, iconic symbol of the Italian experience in healthy and greedy brands, to German consumers.

In 2023, the Colussi Group recorded a production value of 409.2 million Euro, an ebitda of 43.5 million Euro and a net profit of €10 million. In the portfolio there are the brands Colussi (baked goods), Measure (food welfare), Flavors 1832 (Tuscan confectionery), Agnesi and Plin (pasta), Vialetto (chocolate). 51% of revenues come from bakery products, 36% from pasta, 7% from chocolate and the rest from various products. Private labels account for 30% of turnover.
The group has six factories in Italy: Petrignano d'Assisi, Barberino Tavarnelle, Fossano, Leini, Villanova d'Albenga and Arquata Scrivia. Colussi also distributes the fruit preserved under the Del Monte brand.

The company controls several pasta factories in Romania and Russia and a trading company in Vietnam. "We still want to grow abroad -added Colussi- and in particular in the countries closest to Italy". 57% of Colussi turnover is generated in Italy and 43% abroad.

Returning to the monograph "Colussi 1791. A family recipe", by Simone Marzari and Massimo Orlandini, published by Silvana Editoriale, contains the testimony of an incredible family history made of passion, entrepreneurial spirit and resilience, marked by the strong bond that has led generations of Colussi to achieve a long and virtuous path, starting from the Venetian ovens and workshops to become one of the most known and appreciated industrial groups in the food sector in Italy and worldwide.

"The volume is the result of over three years of research, which has seen the authors, in constant relationship with the Colussi family, engaged in the identification, study and cross-consultation of multiple sources from archives (public, ecclesiastical, corporate and private individuals), collections of advertising and packaging materials, from resources, even rare or unpublished, in the field of bibliography, iconography and film. The evocative pages of this book bring to light the origins of Colussi and their entrepreneurial activity, revealing a story that dates back more than three centuries".

"With this monograph we want to share with pride and enthusiasm the long and fascinating discovery of the origins of our family, revealing a story that goes back more than three centuries. We have travelled this long and exciting journey, driven by a strong motivation: to give credit to the generations that preceded us. The secret of the longevity of our company lies in the effective work of all the people involved in every phase of our history -said Angelo Colussi Serravallo, president of Colussi S.p.a-. Our past serves as a valuable guide for the present and a source of inspiration for the future, to continue to evolve in the quest for excellence while keeping alive the values of the past: quality, authenticity, innovation and sustainability".

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