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New Italian openings for Starbucks

Three new stores in Milan (Garibaldi, San Babila and Malpensa)

New points of sale opened with the licensee partner for Italy Percassi

In the wake of the positive reception received, after two months, Starbucks has opened three new stores, in Corso Garibaldi and in Piazza San Babila (via Durini) in Milan, and at Terminal 1 of Milan Malpensa airport. These new points of sale are with the single licensee partner for Italy Percassi. The design of these new points of sale has been designed to pay tribute to the artisan culture of design and fashion, which make Milan so famous in the world. For example, in the Starbucks of Garibaldi, the espresso bar is designed in perfect Milanese contemporary style, square marble with an organic shape and embellished with woodwork created by an Italian craftsman. Brass elements, typical of Italian architecture, characterize the shop, along with other pieces of art, inspired by the history of Starbucks, which have been commissioned to local craftsmen. Garibaldi's Starbucks will also be the first in continental Europe to display digital menu boards, which are set in bronze frames. A design that does not want to be just aesthetic, but thanks to the careful selection of details, it favors the exploration of coffee, sharing with others, welcoming a comfortable "third space" in addition to home and office. "We welcomed with humility the warm welcome that the Italians gave us with the Reserve Roastery, in September" says Martin Brok, president of Starbucks Europe, Middle East and Africa. "It was important for us to arrive in Milan paying homage to the rich tradition of Italian bars and cafés, and at the same time celebrating everything we learned about the art and science of coffee roasting during these 47 years of the company. Today we take a step forward on our journey in Italy, bringing the Starbucks experience to many more consumers in Milan, who can relax and enjoy a delicious coffee in a welcoming environment "."Everything we have done to bring the Starbucks experience into new Milanese neighborhoods, we have done it by always putting our consumer at the first place" declares Roberto Masi, Managing Director of Starbucks Italia. "By remaining true to the values and the atmosphere for which Starbucks is recognized in the world, we wanted to offer consumers in Milan an environment tailored to them, which reflects the beauty of the city of design and coffee. Our ambition is to be able to open between 10 and 15 new points of sale a year in the next few years in the major Italian cities ". At the end of November it also opened the sales outlet at Terminal 1 of Milan Malpensa. The Starbucks development plan in Italy has already started many job opportunities. With the new openings, around 100 employees have been hired, together with those of the Reserve Roastery, which make up a team of over 400 people who have only joined the team of partners in Milan (as Starbucks calls their collaborators).Numerous other assumptions will be made in the coming months, offering not only employment opportunities, but also training and professional growth. With the Milan opening of Starbucks, the company will continue its collaboration with the Don Gino Rigoldi Foundation to offer support to young people coming from the most disadvantaged areas of Milan, offering them opportunities for training and work. In addition, Starbucks is working with the Food Bank to ensure the daily collection of fresh products not sold, in order to offer them to those who need more support.

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