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Chef Express wins the 2019 Animal Welfare Award

The catering company of Cremonini Group received the Good Egg Award for eliminating all the cage-breeding systems for hens

The 2019 Animal Welfare Awards, the awards that CIWF - Compassion in World Farming - attributes to virtuous companies, were consigned at the prestigious Concert Noble venue. The Italian Chef Express, the company that manages the catering of the Cremonini Group, has received the Good Egg Award for having committed to eliminating all the cage-breeding systems for hens from their supply chains, including enriched cages and so-called combined systems.These systems, although they can be labelled "free range", are composed of multi-storey structures equipped with "gates" which, if closed, can convert the system into a cage farm. These systems are unsuitable for the hens’ welfare and do not meet consumer requirements in the slightest.

Chef Express, the first Italian company to stand on the stage of the 2019 Animal Welfare Awards, is one of the leading Italian operators in the travelling sector, serving around 70 million customers each year.

Cristian Biasoni, Chief Executive of Chef Express, declared: "We are proud to have joined CIWF’s initiative. Chef Express's commitment is to be capable of contributing to the improvement of animal welfare and also, in particular, aims to develop in the near future training and informative events to increase the level of our consumer’s knowledge and awareness. This commitment is inserted in a more general framework of the strategic development of our company’s sustainability, both from an economical, social and environmental point of view".

Elisa Bianco, head of the CIWF Food Sector in Italy, said: "The commitments towards abandoning cages are becoming increasingly popular and our Awards are a great way to recognise the merits of those realities that are doing their part in improving livestock farm life and encourages the rest of the industry to follow their leadership. We hope - continues Bianco - that, as is happening with chickens, the era of cages may soon be over also for Italian rabbits, and that combined systems for laying hens remain only an example of an anachronistic breeding system, because any breeding designed to be converted at any time into a cage, continues to make the same mistakes as in the past: not putting animal welfare at the forefront".

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