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Controls: the activity of the Italian Central Inspectorate is growing

The 2020 Report has been published: over 70 thousand checks/Attachments

The 2020 Report of the operational activity of the Central Inspectorate for Repression of Fraud - ICQRF in the fight against agri-food crime has been published on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture, with details on the interventions against Italian sounding phenomena, counterfeiting and fraud against the made in Italy agri-food sector and consumers. The ICQRF is the competent authority to impose the sanctions for administrative violations regarding the labeling of food products, production with designation of origin and protected geographical indication (PDO and PGI), wine and wine products, production from organic farming, Genetically Modified Organisms, seeds and plant propagation material, feed and feed materials.

Out of 37,508 operators inspected and 77,080 products checked, the irregularities concerned 11% of the products and 7.4% of the samples analyzed. 159 reports of crime, 4,119 administrative disputes, 4,762 warnings issued to operators. 1,899 orders for payment orders, for an amount of approximately 17 million euros. Finally, 22 million kg of goods were seized, for a value of over 21 million euros. Over 90% of the controls concerned food products and about 10% of technical means for agriculture (feed, fertilizers, seeds, plant protection products).

At international level and on the web, as ex officio Authority for PDO / PGI products and EU contact body for Italy in the wine sector, the Inspectorate activated 1,142 interventions in 2020, 1,079 in particular thanks to the collaboration with the marketplaces Alibaba, Amazon, Ebay and Rakuten, which, with 99% successes, made it possible to guarantee denominations of origin the same protection against counterfeiting as for private brands.

With reference to the individual agri-food sectors, 26,332 controls involved the wine sector, 10,646 the oil sector, 6,856 the dairy, 3,445 cereals and derivatives, 3,191 fruit and vegetables, 3,166 vegetable preserves, 3,016 the meat sector, 1,794 the spirits, 1,556 honey, 467 eggs, 382 sugars and 4,099 other sectors. On the whole, 6,042 inspections and analytical checks on technical means in agriculture were.

Here you can consult the complete report.

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