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Beef: the Sustainability Communicators Summit

The Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef year's meeting will held on September 8

Amplifying sustainable beef communications: this is the goal of the virtual Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef meeting, to be held on September 8, 2021. This year's virtual Summit will be a highly interactive opportunity for GRSB members and their communicators to participate in exploring which conversations matter and how to best amplify their messages.

Featured Presentations: GRSB's team at Engine MHP, the UK's 2021 Consultancy of the Year, will showcase the work they have done for GRSB including an overview of our target markets, developed narrative, and social strategy. Focus will be on individual roundtables and how members can best share GRSB communications materials. They will also provide tactical suggestions for incorporating GRSB content into specific communications channels.

Andrea Bertaglio, Environmental journalist, digital strategist, moderator, speaker, and author based in Milan, Italy will present a case study on behalf of Carni Sostenibli (The Sustainable Meat Project) in which they created a consumer-facing campaign promoting healthfulness of sustainable beef in response to the IARC Report that insinuated processed meats are correlated with cancer risk.

Stu McNish, a Canadian journalist who writes for the Vancouver Sun, has taken a special interest in sustainability stories in food systems and through his video series, "Conversations that Matter," he aims to highlight stories across Canada and internationally. He will provide a case study on his work.

Participants will engage in an interactive workshop focused on how to effectively communicate the GRSB message within their own communications strategy. Emphasis will be on how to incorporate GRSB content, how to leverage GRSB members to further amplify communications and create promotion partnerships, and how other benefits of sustainable beef production (aside from the environment) can be effectively communicated.

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