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Grana Padano: a record production

Almost 5 million moulds in 2017

In 2017, Grana Padano DOP reached its productive record of 4.942.054 moulds, 1.70% more compared to 2016.

The Grana Padano Group officially communicated it in a note.

According to some cheese factories data collection that are still waiting for its final confirmation by CSQA, it results that, concerning milk productions coming from Veneto, not all the areas registered a growth trend, especially when compared between cooperatives and industries that result to have the opposite one.

Indeed, the cooperative cheese factories exceeded 3 million moulds by reaching 3.082.404, about one hundred thousand more compared to 2016 and stabilising its percentage with 62.37% of the total. The industrial cheese factories have worked only 1.859.650 moulds, more than 27 thousand less, hence remaining at 37.63%.

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