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Digital Retail: Carrefour aims to become a global leader

Investments of over 3 billion Euro between 2022 and 2026

The Carrefour Group aims to become a "Digital retail company", which places digital and data at the heart of all its operations, and its model of value creation. The announcement came during its Digital Days in Paris, where the company announced the objectives it expects to achieve by 2026, thanks to a digital strategy built on a "data-centric, digital first" approach, and implemented based on four key drivers:

  • Acceleration of e-commerce
  • Increase in Data & Retail Media activities
  • Digitisation of financial services
  • Digital transformation of traditional retail activities

To reach 10 billion Euros, the Group aims to triple its Gmv, the Gross Merchandise Value, for e-commerce by 2026. This objective is possible thanks to a dedicated plan of 3 billion Euro to be used between 2022 and 2026, which aims to increase digital investments by 50% and which according to Carrefour will contribute to the operating result of the company for a further 600 million Euro.

With numerous assets that today provide several competitive advantages, these investments are possible thanks to a successful transformation that the Group has operated since 2018. The over 2 billion Euros invested in technology and digital have in fact made it possible to triple the e-commerce activity of food products, both thanks to up-to-date IT systems and rigorous cost optimization. In addition to a network of leading partners, including Google, Meta (Facebook), Uber, Criteo, Liveramp, and others. In particular, Carrefour has become the leader of home delivery in continental Europe.

The Group’s new proposals foresee annual investments of 1.7 billion Euro, the highest value so far, compared to those announced at the beginning of the year and 1.5-1.7 billion. Finally, in its e-commerce activities, the company aims to become carbon-neutral by 2030, 10 years before the Group’s overall target for 2040.

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