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Agri-food resilience: here are the three key words

Jan Teuwen (dss+) explains to EFA News the contents of the conference scheduled in Bologna on May 20th

Protect, transform, sustain: these are the three key words that will animate the conference "Agri-food resilience: how to build the road to perfect food". Ahead of the dss+ event, scheduled to take place in Bologna on 20 May, EFA News interviewed Jan Teuwen, Operations Leader for dss+ in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Speaking to us, Teuwen summarized the three steps of the Bologna debate: companies and workers must be protected and safeguarded in a safe and sustainable organizational context. At the same time, we need to face a transformation - that relating to the ecological transition - in which it is necessary first of all to understand the horizons of this epochal transition of no small importance, from which there will be no turning back. Finally, it will be a matter of supporting this change, that is, of persevering in the conquests achieved.

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