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Federalimentare fight against Italian Sounding

The tendentious evocation has registered a growth rate of 70% in the decade 2007-2017

Federalimentare, the Italian Food & Drink Industry Federation, which represents the second manufacturing sector in Italy, with 13 national branch Associations, continues its commitment in the fight against Italian Sounding. For last exhibitions ANUGA 2019, in collaboration with the Association "Italian Sounding”, Federalimentare seted up a desk named Authentic Italian check-point: the aim was providing information about Italian Sounding, while gathering any reports or claims of suspected Italian Sounding products in the Fair, in order to investigate on them and if necessary proceed to their removal. In addition to this, operators can report suspected Italian Sounding products writing an email (specifying the brand, the product and the position of the stand) at

National food excellences result from tangible and intangible factors, connected with history, tradition, territory, innovation and know-how: all these aspects give birth to a unique food model. Italian food export has increased up to 76% during the last 10 years with respect to 25% of its total amount: it means that food & beverage Made in Italy is required all over the world by a growing number of consumers, more and more focused on quality and authenticity of products they buy.

For the Italian agrifood sector, the tendentious evocation of the false territory origin of a product represents a serious problem in terms of lost revenue. Moreover, it is treacherous to prosecute, as it is not considered illegal in the vast majority of countries: as a result, the estimated total turnover of Italian Sounding accounts for 90 bln € per year (of which 23 bln € in the U.S.A.), with a growth rate of 70% in the decade 2007-2017.


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