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"Recycle me again": new Coca Cola slogan for a circular economy

The bottle with 50% recycled plastic

"Recycle me again" is the new Coca Cola slogan, printed on the labels of the new bottles of the company. A packaging made with 50% recycled plastic (rPET), a sign of the Group's commitment to support a circular economy and more sustainable production.

The 450ml labels of "Coca-Cola original taste" and "Coca-Cola zero sugars", abandon the classic red color, and give space to a white background with the words "Riciclami Ancora", to make the message more visible, encourage and raise consumer awareness of recycling.

Giuliana Mantovano , the company's marketing director for the Italy branch, said: "We are proud to make the strength of our brand available.
to communicate such an important message on recycling, so that no bottle is wasted but can return to a new life With this in mind, we hope that the limit on the amount of plastic recycled at 50%, present only in Italy, will be removed, so that we can continue in the make the concept of circular economy a reality ".

This is just another initiative that the brand has devised to reduce the materials used in the production of its packaging. In the last ten years, the production house has invested in eco-design and studied new technologies in order to optimize packaging through the so-called "ungramming." The bottles are already 100% recyclable, and have seen a reduction in the amount of plastic, glass and aluminum by 20%, 25% and 15% respectively.

Among the company's products made with 50% recycled plastic there are: Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola zero sugar, Coca-Cola without caffeine, Coca-Cola light taste, Coca-Cola lemon taste zero sugar 450 ml, 450 ml fanta original and 400 ml Fuzetea.

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