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Best Brands Italia returns in March 2021

The 6th edition has been postponed to decree the brands most loved by consumers

"Best Brands Italia" will return next year, given that the sixth edition is set for 24 March 2021. The pandemic has influenced the decision to move the date from November 2020 to March next year, thus aligning it with the "Best Brands" of Germany, France, Belgium, China, Russia. Postponing the event will allow a detailed analysis of the economic trend and an in-depth series of consumer interviews. The result will be a detailed overview of the health of the brands at the end of 2020, an atypical year from a socio-economic point of view, due to the health emergency we are experiencing.

Giovanni Ghelardi , CEO and partner of Serviceplan Group Italia, said: “The position in November of the Italian ranking had been the subject of reflection for some time now because it was the only one to take place in the second half of the year, out of alignment with the others. Now, also for reasons of obvious prudence with respect to Covid, it is an opportunity to bring everything back to balance ”.

Among the advantages of the new date is the possibility of having an international comparison without time gaps. In addition, the data and interviews on which the rankings are drawn up by GfK will be based on the calendar year that has just ended, allowing companies an easier and more coordinated possibility of comparison and analysis of results. In March 2021 edition, a ranking will be drawn up through a GfK algorithm, which integrates the economic results of the first 12 months of 2020, with the brand's ability to respond to consumer needs.

The 2019 edition saw the Ferrero brand among the "Best Corporate Brands" and Coca Cola among the "Best Product Brands".

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