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Doppio Malto continues to grow and lands abroad

Turnover of 16 million; new openings in Italy and France

Doppio Malto, a brewery born in Erba, near Milan, in 2004, continues its expansion, not only in Italy, but also internationally. The company has confirmed the opening of 4 new offices by the end of the year and another 10 for 2021. The first restaurant abroad has also opened, more precisely in Saint-Étienne, the capital of the famous French region of the Loire. Located inside the modern Steel commercial park, the place is in all respects similar to those present in Italy, following the winning formula that combines craft beers, quality food and sociability.

In recent years, the brewery has experienced exponential growth, which not even the pandemic has been able to stop. Last year it reached 16 million, doubling the figure reached in 2018 and even quadrupling that of 2017. Beer production is also on the rise, which has gone from 400 thousand liters in 2018 to over 600 thousand in 2019, a figure comparable to about 3500 pints a day. Currently the company is present in 7 Italian regions with 18 active restaurants.

Doppio Malto has obtained 100 international awards, which rank it among the most awarded beer producers in Europe. Today there are 18 varieties of beer, but production is always growing. Last year a second brewery was inaugurated in Iglesias, Sardinia, with the aim of producing about 5 million liters of beer. The headquarters respects the parameters of sustainability thanks to a field of solar panels able to meet the total need for electricity.

Giovanni Porcu , CEO of Foodbrand Spa owner of the Doppio Malto brand, comments: The recent opening in France and the debut in Scotland, scheduled for the first quarter of 2021, mark the beginning of the international development of the brand. The response from the international market is incredibly lively: the combination of brewing culture and a sense of Italian hospitality is very attractive. Every Doppio Malto restaurant, whether in Italy or abroad, is based on the idea that beer should be the protagonist, together with simple and genuine food".

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