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Birra Moretti, new Italian's habits during lockdown

The sector brand that most represents familiarity (42%) and conviviality (41%)

The research conducted at the end of September by the Piepoli Institute for the Beer Observatory confirms that beer in Italy is consumed mainly in the company of the family (66%) and represents the drink of conviviality for one in two Italians. A bottle uncorked together represents, also given the historical period we are experiencing, a moment of pleasure and sharing. Even with a virtual toast, each from their own computer screen.

According to a Toluna research of July 2020, Birra Moretti is the sector brand that best represents the two values of familiarity (42%) and conviviality (41%). If for one in three interviewees there is always a good opportunity to uncork a bottle, dinner is the moment when most Italians (74%) prefer to taste it, perhaps combining it with a dish prepared ad hoc. Birra Moretti, "which for years has promoted the consumption of beer at the table and in 'good company', therefore seems to respond perfectly to the new curiosities of Italians who, in a time of restrictions, do not give up the pleasure of a beer and the discovery of new flavors", says a press release. According to data from the Nielsen "Panel Shopper year ending" of 4 October 2020, the "Original Recipe" of the brand is the most chosen beer by Italian families for 30.8%.

Born in Udine in the second half of the 19th century at the behest of Luigi Moretti as a small brewery, the brand boasts a centuries-old tradition, perfect to satisfy even the most curious in the field of beer history, an experience lasting over 160 years that has led to creating a wide range of beers. Today it consists of numerous references that differ in taste, style and alcohol content. "The naturalness of the ingredients combined with the experience of the master brewers has made Birra Moretti famous in Italy and in the world as a genuine and quality beer", says a press release.

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