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Caffè Florian in Venice: a sad 300th anniversary for the oldest coffee house in the world

In an empty city, the bar risks not reopening for Covid

The historic Caffè Florian, in Piazza San Marco in Venice, has just turned 300 years old (29 December 1720 - 29 December 2020). But it is a bitter birthday marked by the closure, like all the clubs in the square, due to the tourist crisis caused by Covid. A party "in the silence and desolation of a magnificent and ghostly Venice", said the CEO of Florian Marco Paolini .

"The current crisis obviously belongs to everyone, but for Caffè Florian it is like the mirror of an entire city, Venice, a victim of its own worldwide tourist success", explain Paolini, "celebrating the 300th anniversary of a business with doors barred is the emblematic image of this crisis of Venice and of the cities of art in general, for this reason the Florian is a symbol, which can be taken as an example by the many historical activities now in deep crisis, whose crisis has not only value economic, but above all historical, as they are pieces of Italian history known throughout the world".

The famous restaurant, considered the oldest in Italy, was honored on 3 December by the Italian Post Office in a stamp from the Excellence of the productive and economic system series. It was the year 1720 when the entrepreneur Floriano Francesconi counted the days to open his coffee shop in the square that he would call Alla Venezia Trionfante. The inauguration was supposed to be on December 26, for the start of the Carnival which then fell in those days, but due to bureaucratic problems it was moved to December 29. "'Ndemo da Florian!" (let's go to Florian!) the Venetians said in dialect and so over time the shop took the name known today all over the world.

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