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Asda, or rather the oxymoron supermarket

Test bench of "vegan butcher" was inaugurated

"How do you say 'oxymoron' in Great Britain"? It is not a joke, but the question that arises spontaneously in the face of the news, which has come from across the Channel, of the experimental inauguration of a "vegan butcher" counter in a supermarket. Asda, the second largest supermarket chain in the UK after Tesco, has partnered with Kbox Global to install a "vegan butcher" test bench in a UK supermarket, in response to the growing shopping trend of plant-based products. The trial will have an initial duration of six months. Kbox Global is a British start-up that helps optimize kitchen resources. The Veelicious counter will be located at Asda's Watford store and will offer a range of meatless alternatives such as facon, bean burger, faux lamb and vegan black pudding, as well as a small selection of vegan cheeses, ready-to-eat meal kits, chutneys and cooking sauces.

With Veelicious, Asda intends to provide consumers with access to high quality vegan foods in conjunction with the Veganuary (see EFA News article from 5-1-21).
Preyash Thakrar , Asda's chief strategy officer, said: "The demand for vegan products is ever-increasing and we have seen an increase in people looking for ways to enjoy a plant-based lifestyle. Veelicious will be a test of learning to help us understand what works with customers, and to allow us to improve our plant offer".

Asda says it has seen an increase in online searches for the word "vegan" by 175% year-on-year and expects sales to a vegan clientele in January to increase by 391% year-on-year. This month, Asda also added 22 new meat-free alternatives to its plant-based range.
Salima Vellani , founder and CEO of Kbox Global, said: "The partnership to launch the UK's first vegan butcher is an exciting joint venture that recognizes the growing demand for plant-based brands, both from meat eaters than vegans. Veganism is now a traditional, healthy and ecologically sustainable way of eating for everyone. We are delighted to be working with one of the country's leading supermarkets to offer consumers more than they ask for".
Last January, Asda announced plans to open a new sustainable store in Leeds where shoppers could fill containers with products such as Kellogg cereal and Unilever's PG Tips tea.

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