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Vegan diet, the negative effects on children

Severe vitamin deficiencies, according to University of Helsinki study / Attached document

The vegan diet has a negative effect on children's metabolism: in fact, the blood levels of biomarkers for vitamins A and D, forms of cholesterol and essential amino acids are significantly lower in children with a vegan diet than in those who lead an omnivorous diet.
To say it is a study published in Embo Molecular Medicine and carried out by researchers of Helsinki University coordinated by prof. Topi Hovinen, from the Stem Cells and Metabolism department, which involved 40 healthy children in nurseries in the Finnish capital.
Experts have noted that children who are on a completely vegan diet have significantly lower vitamin D levels than children without a special diet, despite regular supplement use. Surprisingly for the researchers, their vitamin A status was also noted as lower.
Levels of LDL and HDL cholesterol and docosahexaenoic acid, a fatty acid with a central role in the development of visual function, were low, while folate levels were remarkably high.

Attached , the Vegan diet in young children remodels metabolism and challenges the statuses of essential nutrients study.

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