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The Canadian government invests in CFIA

128 million dollars to strengthen its food security system

The government of Canada has announced that it is investing CAD 162.6 million ($128 million) in the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to strengthen its food safety system. The investment will take place over the next five years, in addition to CAD 40 million ($31.5 million) per year of ongoing funding. With the investment, the Canadian government aims to strengthen the safety of its food supply, protect the health of plants and animals, as well as provide ongoing support to businesses in their export and import activities to overcome pandemic interruptions and global trade volatility.

Canada looks to ensure it has one of the most modern and effective food safety and plant and animal protection systems, in order to enhance its reputation as a trusted trading partner. The new funding will support the CFIA in four key areas: export certification to support market access, domestic oversight and surveillance, oversight of imports and digitisation. For example, CFIA intends to strengthen its ability to deliver timely inspection and certification of agriculture and agri-food exports, facilitating access to international markets for Canadian businesses. Meanwhile, the investment will allow the CFIA to develop up-to-date and multi-jurisdiction response plans for the most significant and likely scenarios for plant pests and animal diseases.

To meet the growing demand from importers seeking to sell products on the Canadian market, the CFIA will use the funding to conduct more inspections of imported shipments. It will also help the agency analyse sampling and compliance data to improve inspections, policies and regulations. In addition, the CFIA says it will expand its digital services to allow more Canadian food exporters and importers to benefit from efficient and automated tools for risk management and inspection, as well as invest in cutting edge, high-speed laboratory equipment.

Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Marie-Claude Bibeau, said: “Our government is investing in the CFIA so that Canada continues to have the best food safety system in the world, with the best science to protect our natural resources and tools that help businesses keep up with the pace of trade. It will help CFIA digitise their services and issue export certificates in a timely manner. It also means CFIA will have the tools necessary to guard our natural resources and agriculture sector from the threat of foreign pests and diseases”.

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