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Tomorrow will be celebrated the day against food waste

From Carni Sostenibili recipes and advice by nutritionist Bernardi

According to FAO, every year about one third of all food produced ends up in the garbage, in Italy every year ends up in the food bin for 13 billion euros. The meat supply chain represents a small exception, impacting, according to the latest Nielsen data, only 5% of total waste. It is no coincidence that meat has always been considered a noble product to be consumed with respect and the fact that this food is the undisputed protagonist of reused dishes only confirms this. On the occasion of the international day against food waste, Carni Sostenibili, the non-profit association for the conscious consumption and sustainable production of meats and cured meats, collects the 5 recipes to make with leftover meat and cold cuts. The "anti-waste guide" is enriched by the advice of nutritionist Elisabetta Bernardi .

Leftovers from roast chicken can turn into the ingredient for a soup the next day. "Prepare your favorite broth by adding some cereals. 10 minutes from the end of cooking, insert the cooked chicken pieces. Adjust salt and pepper just before turning off the heat and complete the dish with a drizzle of olive oil", advises the guide. "Soups are foods that should be consumed more often", says Dr. Bernardi, "not only because they are a real comfort food, but also because numerous studies show that by increasing the percentage of water or water-rich ingredients in the dish , the energy density of a food is lowered and a sense of satiety can be reached first and therefore the calories of the diet can be reduced without too many sacrifices".

The meat that remains from the broth can be minced, even with a food processor, combined in a bowl with boiled potatoes and also mixed with the grated rind of a lemon, parmesan, ricotta, eggs, salt and pepper. "At this point it will be sufficient to form small spheres to pass in breadcrumbs and cook in a pan", advises the guide. The rolls in white or with sauce, are a great trick to save leftovers, when a few slices of roast remain. In fact, slices of cold cuts such as cooked ham, mortadella and pancetta can be placed inside the tender veal meat. A delicious dish “to which you will add a strip of carrot or pepper, appreciated above all by children and the elderly, for the extreme tenderness of the meat. Veal is in fact used very often as a food for those who have difficulty chewing, but who still have high nutritional needs. It is a particularly good source of protein, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, phosphorus, zinc and iron, and 100 g of veal provide over 25% of these nutrients”, according with the expert.

Then there is the meat omelette, perfect to be made with the remains of minced or boiled meat, but also with the meat of the stew and ragù. According to Dr. Bernardi, the best match to this dish "is a fresh mixed salad, a slice of bread and a fruit, all to add a share of carbohydrates to a dish very rich in noble proteins". Finally, leftover meat and cured meats are the perfect ingredient in one of the main dishes of the kitchen of reuse: stuffed vegetables. Zucchini, peppers, but also tomatoes and aubergines. “The leftovers ennoble the dish for their supply of high quality proteins and vitamin B12, present exclusively in foods of animal origin”, concludes the expert.

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