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Delivery: Foodhub grows in the UK

Overtaken the "rival" UberEats

The threshold of 20 thousand partner restaurants in the United Kingdom has been passed. This is the only delivery platform that asks for a monthly fee instead of a commission on each order.

With the lockdown there was an explosion of food delivery also in the United Kingdom, where Foodhub grows rapidly to overtake the "rival" UberEats and conquer the third step of the podium for the number of partner restaurants. In fact, if at the end of 2019 there were 12 thousand restaurant owners, in January 2021 the threshold of 20 thousand was broken, with a leap forward of 70% in just over a year. Unlike competitors like Just Eat and Deliveroo, it is the only aggregator that does not charge a commission on each order, opting rather for a monthly fee. The savings can thus be translated into lower final prices. International expansion is also relevant. Within a year, the brand also reached the USA, Guatemala, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, consolidating and expanding existing operations in Mexico, Malaysia and India.

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