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Brexit: UK bans the import of minced meat

And the preparations of minced meat, fresh and frozen, from 1 April

British Meat Industry: "The UK is following exactly the same legislation that applies to UK trade in the EU"

Ice reported this on Tuesday, writing on his website: “We wish to share a flash news regarding the ban on exports to the UK of minced meat and fresh and frozen minced meat preparations. From 1 April 2021, Prohibitions & Restrictions will be applied in full on POAOs (Products Of Animal Origin), as for any other third country".

“From Stage 2, P&R on POAO will apply in full as it would to any other third country. This means that EU traders will not be able to export chilled minced meat (beef, lamb, pork, poultry), frozen minced meat (poultry), chilled meat preparations (all species) from 1 April 2021". That is to say, explains the March 2021 Newsletter of the Italian Trade Agency, which confirms the introduction of the ban on exporting the type of products described above from the EU to the UK. Below, the clarification provided by British Meat Industry: “The information is correct. The UK is following exactly the same legislation that applies to UK trade in the EU”.

However, please note, the Newsletter continues, that the ban does not apply to minced red meats and frozen meat preparations (internal temperature not exceeding - 18 ° C). The definitions of meat and meat preparation refer to those included in Annex I of EC Regulation 853/2004.

"Our most famous products based on cooked meat and cured meats (cured meats, salami, cured sausage, raw and cooked ham, bresaola, speck, pancetta, coppa, mortadella, nduja etc.) are obviously not subject to this prohibition, and can be traded regularly. Since all the products listed above are cured or cured and cooked, they are included in meat products and not in preparations. Raw sausages, on the other hand, are considered meat-based preparations”.

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