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Casalasco (Pomì) protagonist at Cibus 2021

Exclusive interview with Costantino Vaia, general manager of the company

A few weeks ago QuattroR, the investment fund specializing in the recapitalization and restructuring of Italian medium-sized companies, took over 49% of the Casalesco del Pomodoro Consortium with an investment of 100 million euros (see article EFA News of 13-8-21). The goal is to relaunch the cooperative, giving life to the newco Casalasco Spa. The consortium represents one of the main national companies in the industrial tomato chain, with over a thousand employees and three factories in the province of Cremona, Parma and Piacenza. Present in more than 60 countries around the world, it can count on a consolidated co-packing relationship with the main multinationals in the food sector, as well as on the Pomì and De Rica brands. The group has increased its turnover tenfold in 10 years, reaching 338 million euros in revenues in 2020.

Cibus 2021 was an opportunity to illustrate the operation to customers, buyers and specialized operators, involved in a special evening at the Masone Labyrinth. EFA News met Costantino Vaia, general manager of the Casalesco del Pomodoro Consortium.

Regarding the acquisition of QuattroR, what are the reasons behind this operation?

"I think it is important today, for an advanced agricultural world like ours, which has built a supply chain of excellence, to identify also the most suitable methods for a growth path that has distinguished us up to now, but which we want to accelerate. for the next few years".

The company is very active in exports, what is being done to grow in this sector?

"The company today has an important share in exports, so much so that it distributes more than two thirds of its production on international markets. Without a doubt the supply chain we represent today is a highly appreciated supply chain in terms of product quality, but also for the attachment to sustainability".

You have recently published the sustainability report. How is the company committed to this issue?

"A few weeks ago, we published our third sustainability report which highlights, through a whole series of indicators, the improvement path that the company is pursuing in the various areas, both from an environmental and social point of view. The indicators are positive and highlight how the company is developing what its business is through a philosophy that today takes these values into account. Employment development is also very important, as in the last year we have managed to implement levels by more than 10% occupational".

Cibus 2021: what does the fair represent for the company?

"The Cibus is undoubtedly a fundamental appointment as regards the future of the sector. I think that having had the courage on the part of both the Fair Authority but also of the companies to participate, is a clear signal that there is a great desire for recovery and therefore I would say that from this point of view, it is a starting point. We hope it will bring what is Italian agri-food around the world".

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