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Argentina: the vermouth-bar trend is exploding

The fashion of craft breweries gives way to vintage drinks, even on the street

From Mendoza to Bariloche, from Córdoba to Santa Fe, to La Plata and Buenos Aires, just to name a few, the trend of vermouth-bars is exploding in small and large Argentine cities, especially among the young population, now tired of the fashion of craft breweries. For these generations, therefore far from nostalgia and tradition but with a vintage atmosphere and style, vermouth has a special and unique imprint that can compete with the flavors of the beers and burgers that have so much depopulated in recent years.

Not a wine bar, attention, but real vermuterias, which responding to a Spanish logic serve the drink accompanying it with appetizers such as olives or tapas, hot or cold preparations typical of the Spanish aperitif. "Trying different vermouths is an opportunity to meet, chat, go out, relax, disconnect from the whirlwind of routine with an aperitif in the right hand and a snack in the left", explains the owner of a vermuteria from Mendoza on the pages of Télam Digital.

Whether they are in the nightlife streets or in the suburbs, these new trendy clubs are supplanting the most famous brands. And not only within the walls of buildings, because someone has already come up with the idea of vermutrucks, which along the lines of foodtrucks - itinerant vans mostly with a vintage look, equipped for the preparation and sale of food and drinks - offer the choice of a wide range of vermouth which, we recall, is a drink that was industrialized for the first time in Turin, Italy, by the certain Antonio Benedetto Carpano: and it was in the year 1786.

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