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Wine and cancer/2: Federvini protest for EU reports

"It is serious to say that there is no safe level of alcohol"

Federvini considers the affirmation, contained in the report voted yesterday by the Beca Commission, that "there is no safe level of alcohol consumption", as "the scientific data supporting this assertion are isolated, weak and even contested by many exponents of the same scientific community".

The Italian association of wine producers writes this in reference to the approval of the report of the special Beating Cancer commission of the European Parliament (see article EFA News), highlighting that "the World Health Organization itself, in its strategic document to combat alcohol , reconsidering its initial positions, made a clear distinction between moderate consumption and harmful consumption of alcoholic beverages".

"In particular, the claim that" there is no safe level of alcohol consumption "is based on a single study - Global Burden of Diseases (GBD) - published by The Lancet in 2018, which was criticized by the scientific community for some analysis defects".

"By introducing a reference to the absence of a safe level of consumption of alcoholic beverages - explains Vittorio Cino , Director General of Federvini - the European Parliament Commission has even taken a step back from the European Commission's European beating cancer plan which instead provided for a clear difference between moderate consumption and abuse. Yesterday, however, the vote risks legitimizing a position aimed at demonizing almost three millennia of history, culture and tradition of the Italian drinking civilization. Culture which for us means conviviality, sociality, in the context of the Mediterranean Diet".

“We appeal to the Italian political forces present in the European Parliament - adds Micaela Pallini, President of Federvini - so that at least the more radical aspects of this document can be overcome on the occasion of the passage to the Plenary Assembly, scheduled for the first weeks of the new year. This is just the latest in a series of attempts that try to introduce penalizing and discriminatory measures against our products: this is why we invite the Government to open a permanent discussion table between the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. to better define an Italian position of balance and moderation, in view of the next international events. From Nutriscore to sugar, from red meats to cheeses to alcoholic products, many product categories and an entire model of Italian consumption and lifestyle, is under attack. We also ask that the entire Government, beyond the competent Ministries, starting with Prime Minister Mario Draghi, include this dossier among the priority ones on the institutional agenda for the coming months”.

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