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Granoro awarded at the Biol International Prize 2021

The competition for the best organic extra virgin olive oil in the world

2021 ended with an important quality recognition for Granoro and its organic extra virgin olive oil, which was awarded the "Bionovello Gold Medal" on the occasion of the Biol International Prize 2021, the competition for the best extra virgin olive oil from organic olive of the world, held in Matera. The competition is among the most important international events of the entire extra virgin olive oil sector in terms of number of participants (olive producers), number of countries involved, number of experts and consumers involved, quotations in the specialized and non-specialized press.

For Granoro, the Gold Medal obtained at Biol, assigned to the best organic extra virgin olive oils produced in the 2020/2021 vintage, is a further confirmation of the desire to express a strong bond with its territory. The organic extra virgin olive oil is produced with olives of the "Coratina" and "Ogliarola" varieties grown with organic farming methods, coming from the countryside surrounding Corato, home of the Granoro pasta factory. They are harvested by hand, with the "bacchiatura" system, crushed with the traditional method and cold pressed without the use of pesticides and synthetic chemical fertilizers. The taste is fruity, slightly spicy with a delicate scent, a mixture of essences typical of the Murgia, which retains its organoleptic and nutritional qualities both raw and cooked. The color is yellow with green reflections. Its natural acidity is on average 0.5%, below the maximum value established by current legislation (0.8%) for extra virgin olive oils.

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