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Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena: production record

Positive results for the Consortium in 2021: sales + 17%, pre-pandemic levels recovered

The health emergency in 2020 had profoundly damaged the sales of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PDO, but the Consortium in taking stock of the year just ended reassures the members and the entire supply chain: 2021 saw an increase in production and of sales of over 17%, which confirmed the volumes on those pre-pandemic. In particular, the consortium bottling center recorded a 30% increase in the quantities bottled.

"We have exceeded 110 thousand certified packages", says Enrico Corsini ,   president of the Consortium, "but what matters most for a vinegar that must undergo this exceptional aging period are the product stocks in the typical 'batteries' of barrels, which are used to support the production of future vintages: the production chain today consists of of 250 producers, who hold about 3 million liters of aging product in their vinegar factories, with a marked increase compared to the previous decade, which bodes well for a successful future for what is called the black gold of Modena".

"The limited production, the large investments necessary to install and manage an vinegar factory, the length of aging make it an exclusive product, which is sold in gourmet shops and used in the most prestigious restaurants, with prices that often exceed one hundred euros per bottle, that is the thousand euros per liter”, the president reiterates.

"For 12 years we have been mandated by law to carry out protection, surveillance, promotion and dissemination actions on the product, and all producers, whether or not they are associated with the protection consortium, are required by law to cover the costs of such actions, with a contribution called 'erga omnes'. The Consortium, attentive to the need not to overload producers with costs, has always tried to contain expenses, despite the promotional actions carried out having been successful, judging by the results obtained in terms of increasing volumes”, he concluded.

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