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An opportunity to define the projects for future: new products and an approach to new markets

A growing reality, specialized in yeasts and preparations for sweet and savory creations, this is Arpa Lieviti. The brothers Arcangelo and Paolo Fantazzini, in 1972 founded a small company in Ozzano Emilia, in the province of Bologna, to produce and distribute yeasts and sugars. The company has grown steadily over time, also thanks to the acquisition of well-known brands such as Elefante, Lela and Viaggi, increasing the range of products dedicated to both home cooking and the professional channel. In 2018, one of the founders presented a business continuity plan, involving workers and employees. The project was welcomed by six employees who thus decided to take over the company and relaunch it through a development plan that provided for the optimization of the commercial network and new investments, thus starting a path of expansion.

"The adventure of the new board of directors begins immediately uphill, with an unexpected pandemic that puts the whole market in difficulty. The new directors, ready to react, decide to invest in communication by promoting a homemade yeast kit for forced families at home during the lockdown. The initiative was successful and, precisely this ability to react and renew itself, maintaining a close link with tradition and with the territory, becomes the hallmark of the brand that today celebrates half a century of history and success", tells the company in a press release. Among the most recent innovations is the strengthening of the web platform, as a promotional tool and to aggregate a community passionate about cooking. Furthermore, to expand the purchasing opportunities, has opened its own shop on Amazon. The company is working on new packs to reduce the environmental impact of products, especially in professional supplies.

“We are 50 years old but we want to grow", commented the president Carla Gherardi. "The Board is made up of young, competent and motivated members to run a company that has been able to consolidate its position and explore new markets over the years. The handcrafted dimension allows us to experiment, adjusting the shot when necessary. Among the latest investments I would like to mention those dedicated to safety in the workplace, in particular the new water vacuum cleaner to retain the food dust that is released during the processing phases".

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