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World Food Safety Day: #EUChooseSafeFood is back

The campaign promoted by EFSA, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health

Objective: to encourage citizens to reflect critically on their daily food choices.

On the occasion of World Food Safety Day, EFSA, the European Food Safety Authority, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, launched the second edition of the #EUChooseSafeFood communication campaign with the aim of giving answers to the questions consumers ask themselves. in everyday life in terms of nutrition. For example, what is the difference between "best before" and "best before" on food labels? Are there any food hygiene rules in the home that we should respect to keep food safe? Should we worry about additives in food? Giving certain answers to questions of this kind is the goal of the campaign aimed at all European citizens.

After the first 2021 edition, winner of the newborn Italian public relations award "The PRize", organized by Una (joint communication companies), in the public administration category - Efsa launches a second campaign, with the aim of offering consumers information and recommendations practices, based on scientific evidence, to be used both when buying and consuming food. The 2022 edition expands the range of in-depth topics, which as regards the campaign in Italy concern: animal welfare, food packaging (Moca) and food supplements.

“Our campaign this year is growing both in terms of content and geographical coverage (with the addition of new EU countries)”, says Alberto Spagnolli , Senior Policy Advisor of EFSA. “The goal remains to allow consumers to improve their knowledge and awareness of scientific assessments, which guide their daily food choices. The campaign aims to involve the public with a direct communication style and with innovative formats, helping them to develop a critical eye on purchasing and consumption habits".

"The European food safety system was created 20 years ago and since then EFSA scientists have been conducting analyzes on health risks along the entire food chain, from farm to table", continues Spagnolli. "The intense cooperation between authorities, experts, institutions and both public and private operators is the founding value of the system and is the key to developing new knowledge that fosters the necessary transition to food systems that are also sustainable for the environment".

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