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"With veal it's even better"

The European promotion campaign created by Assocarni and Sbk is underway

Veal has always been one of the favorite ingredients of Italian consumers and also in 2022 it will be the protagonist of the European promotion campaign co-financed by the European Union - 2019/2021 and carried out in Italy by Assocarni and Sbk, the Dutch interprofessional foundation of the calf meat. The campaign aims to expand knowledge about the product and its many ways to use it in the kitchen, through the claim "with veal is even better". Among the best-known celebrities who will take part in the campaign will be Benedetta Parodi, Francesco Panella and Sonia Peronaci, who, together with various TV chefs and food influencers, will create inspiring recipes for all consumers.

Together with them, Roberto Valbuzzi, who has always been the testimonial of the campaign, will create 5 new video recipes that will be published on the website. During the year, the campaign will develop over 200 social contents between Instagram and Facebook, through a storytelling that will tell how a simple and versatile ingredient such as veal can be the basis for easy and high-impact gourmet dishes and recipes. Some examples? Wellington-style veal fillet, Roman-style saltimbocca with green beans and yogurt, linguine with white veal ragù with pecorino cream and cruschi peppers.

“The veal supply chain is a traditional heritage of Italy and the EU”, said François Tomei general manager of Assocarni. In addition to Italy, in fact, the campaign is also taking place in the Netherlands, France and Belgium. All countries where veal is particularly popular. “Our and our chefs”, continued Tomei, “present typical recipes revisited in a modern way but always with ingredients of our tradition. Since it is a delicate and versatile meat, it is also delicious raw ". The campaign is integrated with communication actions in the GDP planned during the year: since May an in-store activity has begun in 278 shops that will inform consumers directly in the meat purchase departments, with leaflets, totems, banners, and the possibility of receiving complimentary placemats with the claim “with calfskin it's even better.

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