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Brazzale launches a Baby Bonus for all its employees

The special bonus will be equal to the average monthly salary both in Italy and in Czech Republic

A Baby Bonus for each baby born will be given to each of the 550+ employees of Brazzale Group, in Italy and in Czech Republic, that will become mother or father. The bonus equals to a monthly salary. This is the last initiative of the Italian Group from Zanè (Veneto Region), dedicated for the 2nd year to all the collaborators, men or women, that will start from march 2017.

Brazzale is the oldest italian dairy group, 8th generation family business continuously since 1784.

“We have been thinking about this initiative since a long time. Finally we put it in place and we hope that it will be useful for our employees’ happiness”, comments the president of the Group, Roberto Brazzale.

The special bonus will be equal to the average monthly salary both in Italy (1.500 EUR) and in Czech Republic (25.000 CZK). Moreover, the Baby Bonus will be given for each baby born during the working relationship with Brazzale Group.

“With this initiative – explains Roberto Brazzale – we wish to not only help the economic effort of the new parents but, above all, to make them feel that the company is happy when they manage to realize their life plans, which have to remain in the foreground. The message we wish to convey to our collaborators is that the company welcomes with much enthusiasm new births and that will make its best to grant a serene parental leave”.

This contribution from the Brazzale Group comes in a difficult moment for new parents: in Italy the birth rate dropped by 6% during 2016 and it is one of the lowest in all Europe. The economic crisis, the overall instability and the high unemployment rate are the principal reasons. In Italy Brazzale’s  Baby Bonus adds up to the Government’s bonus, introduced by Renzi’s administration, that will be disbursed in one tranche to all women that will terminate the 7th month of pregnancy or that will adopt a minor, regardless of the income earned.

“The State intervention is not enough because the support to new births has to come from a coral effort, in which companies have to play their part in a concrete manner, complying with their “social responsibility”. We think we can offer a concrete support, real and useful, by accompanying our employees through the marvelous adventure of motherhood and fatherhood””.

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