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Balsamic Vinegar: government supports Unesco candidacy

The announcement on the national day dedicated to the precious product of Modena

"The Italian government will support the candidacy of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena as an intangible heritage of humanity". The announcement comes from Milano, from the press conference of the newborn IVACI - Istituto Valorizzazione Aceti e Condimenti Italiani, where Prof. Stefano Galli, advisor to the Minister of Culture, spoke.

"I bring the greeting of minister Sangiuliano -said Galli- who authorized me to announce the government’s support for the Unesco nomination for the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena". The historian, who was Councillor for Culture of the Lombardy Region, recalled that "under his mandate the Unesco denominations in the region increased, reaching 21, the highest number in the world for a single region. Having therefore a good experience, I can support the youth in opening the way for the candidacy".

The news arrives on the day of the "National Day of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena", established on march 25 by IVACI under the patronage of the ministry of Culture, Masaf, the Italian Institute of Culture of New York and Ice.

"The celebration of this day -said Patrizia Marchi, president IVACI- dedicated to an excellence in food and agriculture of which we are extremely proud, was made possible thanks to the joint effort of companies, artisans and producers who every day dedicate themselves to the enhancement of this product and the made in Italy in the world. Ivaci’s commitment aims at enhancing the rich heritage of Italian vinegars and condiments, contributing to the global spread of authentic flavors of made in Italy. The creation of this day recognizes worldwide the value of an authentic Italian excellence".

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